LED Ambience Light

Professional LED ambience Light Supplier

Set the white light intensity
with the app to create a
comfortable reading
atmosphere for you

Help you enjoy the leisure
moments of everyday life

It is a good partner for
you to enjoy time with
friends and family

Smart Lighting Technology

LAC is not just manufacturing individual products, but also providing systematical lighting solution in the era of IoT. Our team have invested heavily in smart lighting R&D, ensuring our clients get premium products in the market.

Undeniably pretty cool, LAC’s smart color string light can set mood lighting for the different rooms in the house, be controlled from afar or scheduled to turn on and off at preset times from a phone or a tablet powered by Tuya, just at the touch of a button.

Millions of Color Options

Color change can be controlled by sliding the tuya
APP palette, playing with color between fingers.

Slide the tuya APP brightness bar to adjust
the brightness and control the light switch
Create the right lighting ambience.

Perfect Applications

Adding ambient lighting to outdoor spaces as well as creating accent light for points-of-interest is easy with LACLED versatile ambience light.

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