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We offer a line of affordable LED ceiling and panel lights that are glare free, eco-friendly, and with smart control functionality.

A newly developed innovative ceiling fan offers a sleek and minimalistic look with unmatched cost-effectiveness

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Ceiling Fan with LED Light

Available in diverse designs, colors and finishes, our LED ceiling lights come with remote control features for easy light adjustment.

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LED Ceiling Light

Long-lasting LED panel lighting fixtures provide better light distribution on large spaces thanks to its contemporary back-lit design.

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LED Panel Light

Funtional LED Lights Powered by Tuya

LAC provides a reliable way of smart control technology on every LED ceiling and panel light.

With a strong partnership with Tuya’s cloud-based service, the smart control chip is inserted into the LED driver for easy access and control. Users can save their favorite light settings and recall them with the tap of a finger.

  • 10% R&D Input of Sales
  • 40+ R&D Personnel
  • 10+ Laboratory
  • 100+ Patents
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Functions Supported

  • ON/OFF


  • ZigBee

  • Wifi

  • Bluetooth

  • Night Light


Not Your Average Manufacturer

Stringent Quality Control at Every Step

To ensure we only provide the best LED lights, each goes through extensive quality control from beginning to end.


We make most base materials in-house to guarantee adherence to established quality standards.


LED lights are inspected after each production step, pulling out defective pieces as early as possible.


After production, the LED lights go through another round of inspection to make sure the work as intended.


A final verification is done on the bulk order to ensure LED lights and the packaging are ready for shipment.

Business Benefits You Can Expect

No matter you're an importer, distributor or eBay buyers, you can reap substantial benefits by partnering with us.

Brand Projects

Case studies showcase the different challenges we face with each project and the steps we take to solve them. See how our smart control functionality and vast customization options address client concerns and greatly improve their final product.

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