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R&D Team

Responsible for meeting our client’s market demands is our dependable R&D department.

Composed of over 40 members, the team has great knowledge about the industry and holds TUV certifications to guarantee quick and reliable LED lighting solutions.

Dedication to Continuous Improvement

Seeking to provide new and innovative LED lighting products to the market, our R&D team consistently develops creative upgrades and fresh products.

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    Constant research allows us to find durable materials and innovative designs that would complement the efficacy and sustainability of our LED lights.

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    We have independently developed IC chips for power supply to satisfy customers' exact needs. Smart functions can be achieved with these chips connected to the drivers.

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    Working with various tech companies, we regularly update the software our LED lights use, adapting the latest and secure cloud technology.

Partnering with A Reliable Cloud Server

Working hand in hand with Tuya’s technology, our R&D team develops compatible software and drivers to take advantage of the secure cloud platform.

Installing smart chips on the drivers ensure that LED lights are accessible and adjustable anytime using a smartphone or digital assistants.

About LAC Lab

The Fully-equipped laboratory allows our team to guarantee our products meet safety and quality standards, including light structure, voltage, and current in different countries.

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