Unique LED Light Solutions For Your Market

Every part of our LED ceiling and panel lights are adjustable to suit your market needs, be it brightness control, size, shape, or color temperature. Smart control can be added to give your customers easier management and better user experience

Lighting Scene

Updated lighting design evenly spreads the light throughout the room. Choice of mood lights, bright lights, and a variation of both. Combine mood lights and main lights for a flexible lighting setup to meet your market’s needs.


    With our customization feature, you can combine a selection of RGB diodes to create a distinct color for your LED lights. The selection allows for a range of up to 16 million hues that are interchangeable to fit the user’s preference.

    Adjustable Color Temperature for Different Settings

    Balance color temperatures effectively with properly calibrated LED lights. Choose from bluish “cool” colors to yellowish “warm” colors, or anywhere in between, and we guarantee the color stays the same all throughout the LED light’s life cycle.

    One-Touch Smart Controls

    Give your customers easy control over color temperature, brightness, and other settings via smart functionality. Configure preset commands on the module for personalized interface. You can also select partner devices, including smartphones and digital assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant.

    • App Control
    • Switch Control
    • Remote Control

    Balanced Luminance

    Luminous efficacy is an important part of LED lights that is tricky to manage, as it needs to balance the color rendering. We develop LED light with a stable luminous efficacy as high as 130 lm/W, providing stable, bright light for your customers.

    Our Custom Ordering Process

    LAC is with you in every step of the process, providing valuable guidance in customizing your LED ceiling and panel lights.

    LAC Helps You Meet Your Business Goals

    With custom options, better pricing and always-available support, LAC are prepared to take your business to the next level.


    Browse our gallery for new ideas and inspirations for your next project. Each photo illustrates how our customers' ideas and our advanced techniques can be incorporated to create a distinctive style.

    Satisfied Partners

    LAC’s commitment to smart and cloud-controlled LED products produced many satisfied customers over the years.

    Some of our long-time clients include the top 3 major international supermarket chains, over 300 well-known supermarkets, and numerous educational institutions.

    • Aldi
    • Lidl
    • REWE
    • EDEKA

    Combine Your Ideas with Our OEM/ODM Service!

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