Business Benefits You Can Expect From Us:

No matter you’re an importer, distributor or eBay buyers, you can reap substantial benefits by partnering with us.

(1) Consistent Quality: LED lights go through multiple rounds of checks, as we do our best to provide consistent products.

(2) Free Prototype: Samples for the LED lights are given before full-swing production for free within 45 days.

(3) Direct Factory Price: Efficient wholesale production and a reliable supply chain, allows us to provide competitive factory prices.

(4) Deep Expertise: Being an 11-year veteran of the industry, our team can deliver to most clients and consumer demands.

(5) Faster Lead Time: Vast experience in making custom LED lights gives us the ability to produce faster than peers.

(6) 1- to 5-Year Warranty: Our LED lights come with a 1-to 5-year warranty period that covers replacement and support.

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