LED Panel Light Wholesale

Bring brighter lighting to your customer’s space with LAC’s LED panel light wholesale at affordable prices. Available in framed and frameless varieties, our panel lights are back-lit, providing better light without dark spots or shadows.

With an internationally-certified automated production line, we are capable of meeting LED panel light wholesale orders without compromising quality. Installing high-spec drivers, larger heat sinks, and high-lumen chipsets extend service life up to 50,000 hours and warranty up to 5 years.

Deliver reliable and long-lasting products to your customers today. Contact our team and get your free quote.

Integrated Smart Control Chips

LED panel lights from LAC come with Tuya smart control chips connected to the LED driver, integrating them with various smart products. Manage brightness level, on/off settings, and other features using smart devices and smart assistants, thanks to the secure cloud service powered by Tuya.

Comfortable Lighting Fixtures

An ideal replacement for traditional fluorescent lights, our LED panel lights provide evenly-distributed light that works on different offices and workspaces. Additionally, LED technology allows reduced glare, noise, and RF interference that results in more comfortable and reliable lighting.

Perfect Applications

LAC LED panel lights evenly spreads lighting within a room, providing sufficient illumination for highly populated areas such as offces with minimum power consumption.

Add Benefits to Your Business

LAC LED Panel lights are more than just lighting fixtures. We also provide custom building options and reliable support for a complete experience.

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